Laneway Activations

York Street laneways will become activated by local artists across the whole weekend. There will be crochet creations, upcycled hanging artwork, a Menang Noongar Cultural Hub, a guerrilla project and nativity play in the laneways. See the map below - download a copy here. 


Artist bios:

Roll of the Rubix by Dark Horse Projects: Unpredictable.... Subversive..... Interventions..... Installations..... Pushing Boundaries. Pushing Buttons. Running Wild...…. Catch us if you can. #darkhorseprojectsalbany


Menang Noongar Cultural Hub by Kwongkan Middars, Menang Noongar Yorgas Women Weavers, & Kurrah Mia: 

Kwongkan Middars, sand dancers are a local Noongar youth dance group based in Albany who perform traditional dancers accompanied by the didgeridoo and tapping sticks. Luke Mowaljarlai and Jordan Hayward are the key performers and mangers of the group.

Kurrah Mia has a passionate team dedicated to keeping traditions alive through education and unique experiences. "We believe in the passing down and sharing of knowledge from our elders, so all may experience the wonder and beauty of our precious land."

Glitterati Parti by Jill O'Meehan and Serena McLauchlan: Contemporary professional Artists Jill O'Meehan and Serena McLauchlan join forces to create Glitterati Party lane way installation for the 2020 Christmas Pageant. Twenty-four hand made Chandeliers from recycled and reclaimed materials adorn the otherwise unused lane way. These pieces aim to activate the laneway with joy and imbue festive spirit in movement and wonder.


Away in a Manger Nativity Scene by Combined Churches: The Albany Church leaders fellowship is presenting the nativity story & carols outside the Scots Church this year. They hope you enjoy remembering & discovering the wonderful message from the world’s creator.  

Women's Web by Jill O'Meehan: Contemporary Professional Artist Jill O’Meehan  creates “Women’s Web”, a laneway installation for the 2020 Christmas Pageant. Crocheted yarn webs are woven and entwined within the narrow thoroughfare space of the laneway. The draped and taught webs aim to activate the laneway with colour, curiosity and playfulness. An immersive space to mingle with family and friends. 


Laneway Map.jpg