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Friday, 15 July

From 5pm


Princess Royal Sailing Club

57 Chipana Drive, Little Grove


Free (dinner bookings required)

RSVP before Friday, 1 July

Author Bio

Born in Albany, John learnt to sail at an early age and has since sailed extensively along the southern coast of Western Australia.

Training initially as a carpenter and boatbuilder, he later graduated from the Western Australian College of Advanced Education with a Bachelor of Arts (Media) in 1987.

About Sealed Souls

SEALED SOULS exposes the darker side of the early colonial history of Southern Oceania, spanning half a century from the establishment of the Colony of Sydney in 1788.

It explores and explains ALLIANCES formed in desperate times by desperate people and exposes the cruelty hapless people endured by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, in an era when bondage was just another word for SLAVERY.

ABANDONMENT was a common practice inflicted by unscrupulous masters and incompetent operators on these luckless people.

It was a lawless time, with ROBBERIES perpetrated at every level of colonial society.  MURDERS were committed and went unresolved, along with mysterious DISAPPEARANCES of people and whole boats. 

ALIASES hid peoples’ unscrupulous pasts and recent sins, allowing them to avoid repercussions from the Authorities who were governed from the other side of the world.

A must read by anyone who is interested in early colonial maritime history.  A colony with a desperate beginning, on a lawless frontier of uncontrolled exploitation and oppressive expansion across the vast continent of AUSTRALIA and beyond.

SEALED SOULS is more than a history of Australia; it delves deeper into the lives of multiple players over many decades that encapsulates this narrative.  Studiously researched over 25 years, this story shines a light on what really happened, what life was like for those early pioneers, and why the young colony turned out the way it did.

Every player was in it for themselves; from top bureaucrats to lowly escaped convicts and everyone in between - survival and exploitation was the roguery of the day.


Join John Robertson for the launch of Sealed Souls at the Princess Royal Sailing Club.

The Club will open at 5pm, with dinner available from 6pm to 8pm with full bar facilities.

Dinner bookings are required - please RSVP before Friday, 1 July to

The Maritime Festival is presented by the City of Albany.

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With thanks to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications through Festivals Australia.

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